All payments are due at the time of purchase. If a payment is not received or a payment method is declined, Team Trainers Rescue Group (“Team Trainers”) shall not ship items intended to be purchased and will have no liability to the buyer regarding the intended purchase.

Shipping Policies

Buyer shall pay all costs of shipping and handling in the amount identified by Team Trainers at the time of purchase. If an item is lost during shipping, Team Trainers shall refund the cost of the item and shipping. Shipping and handling costs may depend on the destination to which the item will be shipped. Team Trainers is not liable for damage incurred in the course of shipment.

Refund/Return Policy

Refunds, returns, exchanges, and credits shall be governed by Team Trainers’ Return Policy, which may be accessed here.


An order for an item may be cancelled until payment has processed. Once payment has processed, the buyer is responsible for payment and no cancellation, refund, return, exchange, or credit shall issue other than under Team Trainers’ Return Policy, which may be accessed here.

No Warranties

Team Trainers offers no warranty as to an item or service purchased from it, except any manufacturer’s warranty that might apply. Team Trainers does not expressly or implicitly warranty that any item shall be fit for any particular purpose or use. In making a purchase from Team Trainers, buyer waives any claim of liability or damages against Team Trainers as to the performance, use, safety, or injury relating to such items.


Team Trainers may amend its Terms of Use at any time. Any amendments shall be posted on this website. At Team Trainers’ discretion, the Terms of Use in effect at the time of your purchase shall apply.