Thank you for your generous contribution to Team Trainers Rescue Group (“Team Trainers”).  Your contribution will help us fulfill our mission of training dogs, educating their owners, and saving dogs’ lives.

As a non-profit organization, Team Trainers relies upon your generosity, and any contribution—whether monetary or property—is an irrevocable gift of your entire interest in your contribution to Team Trainers, and Team Trainers is not required to refund any contribution.  Please understand that this is necessary for your contribution to qualify for a charitable deduction.

In the following instances, however, Team Trainers may issue a refund: (1) if you made a duplicative or erroneous contribution; or (2) if you made the contribution for a particular designated purpose, and that purpose cannot be fulfilled.

Any return of a contribution will be processed to the person in whose name the contribution was made

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding your purchase or return, please contact Team Trainers by phone (866) 436-4959