All merchandise purchased from Team Trainers Rescue Group (“Team Trainers”) is not returnable and no refund or credit shall be issued regarding such merchandise, except if the delivered merchandise, as determined in Team Trainers’ sole discretion, is not what you ordered due to a mistake by Team Trainers or, upon receipt by you, defective or materially damaged.

The following conditions apply to any return.

1. Team Trainers must receive the returned merchandise and proof of purchase within 15 days from the date of purchase. You may hand deliver or mail the return to our offices at Team Trainers Rescue Group, 4805 Orchard Rd., Garfield Heights, OH 44128.

2. If you do not specify that you want a replacement item, Team Trainers shall issue you a refund for any merchandise Team Trainers accepts for return. All refunds shall be processed to the bank or credit account through which you made your purchase.

3. Team Trainers is not responsible for the cost of returning merchandise to Team Trainers. However, if Team Trainers determines that the returned item was not what you ordered or was defective, Team Trainers shall be responsible for the cost of shipping a new item to you or, if you choose to receive a refund or credit, Team Trainers shall reimburse you for any shipping you paid at the time of purchase.

Team Trainers may amend this Return Policy at any time. Any amendments shall be posted on this website. At Team Trainers’ discretion, the Return Policy in effect at the time of your purchase shall apply. 

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding your purchase or return, please contact Team Trainers by phone (866) 436-4959